Yacht Management

  • Tired of digging around the engine room to change filters and strainers
  • Tired of showing up to the boat when it’s 90 degrees in July only to find it’s 103 in the boat?
  • Tired of dealing with that infamous “change in plans” because the batteries are dead, there’s some sort of fluid leaking in the engine room, no fresh water, etc.
  • Tired of trying to plan an outing only to determine the bottom is so fouled you can’t make it
  • Tired of spending Friday night and/or Saturday morning making sure the boat is ready to cruise, running around town to find a part or making multiple phone calls hoping to get lucky enough to find someone on short notice that is willing to come fix your problem
  • Wouldn’t you rather spend your time kicking back with a cool beverage and discussing your planned trip with friends?
  • Ready to show up at the boat, throw a few extra clothes on board, fire her up and get out to a new destination with peace of mind that all systems have been routinely checked, a log of the work is on board for review and everything is in great working order!

Your time is too valuable to spend chasing maintenance personnel and technicians to come try and fix a problem at the “9th hour” of your planned departure, or to have you in the engine room or bilge area trying to figure out “what is that alarm”, or “why don’t we have any water pressure” or “why is the AC not blowing cold”.  You, as the boat owner, need to USE your boat and not have to worry about all these types of issues. That’s a job for the Yacht Management Team at Marine Group.

MGYM can alleviate the majority of breakdown issues with a simple monthly service plan. We can do this with routine checkups, accurate assessment and advice on items needing attention, and prompt action to schedule any needed repairs.

As the boat OWNER, you only make ONE PHONE CALL, and that is to MGYM. And in most cases, NO CALLS have to be made at all, since we are routinely checking the systems so you’re not the one that finds out you have a problem when you get to the boat  AND when it’s too late in the day/weekend to get it fixed. We do the “legwork” managing the service technicians, finding parts, and monitoring the systems to ensure proper operation so you can enjoy your time playing and boating as you intended.

Please take a moment to consider the information on this webpage and then give us a call for additional information about how we can bring the pleasure back into pleasure boating with a preventive maintenance plan.

A plan that allows you,  your family and friends to get out and spend your time enjoying the beautiful waterways and all the pleasures of worry free boating.

Contact Marine Group Yacht Management TODAY and Start ENJOYING your Yacht Ownership!